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Why We Care About Care Packages

Why We Care About Care Packages

   Hello. We are excited to use this space to present a more intimate view of our line of lovely get-well care packages. Highlights will include a closer look at why we chose the products we chose and discussions of the big questions such as why wearing socks to bed helps people sleep better. There will also be playlists to lull you to sleep, offbeat comfort food recipes, and interviews with some of our inspiring vendors. Basically, anything that comes up that we think will be of interest.

 The earliest care packages were sent by CARE (originally called Cooperative for American Remittances to Europe) which was established in 1945 to help Americans send food packages to friends and family in Europe, as millions were in danger of starvation after World War II ( So you see, there is some history behind the idea of a care package for a loved one in need. We took this idea and focused our business on people who can use a little extra support, such as a best friend starting chemotherapy, a grandmother in a nursing home, or a co-worker with a broken ankle. It also offers a meaningful way to participate when one is far away from family and friends. 

Drawing on our design backgrounds and first-hand experience as patient and patient advocate, we put together a luxurious mix of comfort items we thought would be truly appreciated and not go the way of the weird gift basket with the cranberry mustard.  Although our cartons are geared towards someone experiencing an illness or injury, they are universal enough to be enjoyed under almost any circumstance.  Self-care, anyone?  After all, who doesn't love watching a good movie under a cozy blanket with everything you need right by your side? No matter what your situation, the basic message of our get-well gifts is the same: to let someone know you are thinking of them and to make their situation a little bit easier. 

We wish you well,

Suzanne and Heather