Frequently Asked Questions

How do you pronounce Carton Blanche?

Thanks for asking. It’s Kahr-tn Blawnsh. It’s kind of a French hybrid and loosely translates to “white carton.”

 Can I make a substitution?

At this time we are unable to make any changes to our cartons but we feel confident you will be able to find something your recipient will like. We worked hard to get everything to coordinate and want to make sure your recipient receives the best presentation possible.

Can I put together my own carton?

Although we may consider this option in the future, at this time only our curated cartons are available.

Are your cartons just for people who aren't feeling well?

Our boxes were designed as a get-well gift, but they can be sent to commemorate any occasion. So, go ahead and send one for a birthday, a gift for a new mother, or as a thank you present.

Are packing slips included?

Since this is most likely a gift, we do not enclose a packing slip or any price information. We do include a handwritten note from the sender, as well as a card with our company information in case the recipient has any questions.

Will my carton contain everything that is pictured?

Yes, you should receive everything as shown. If we were ever to make a substitution, we will let you know in advance.