About us

     Carton Blanche began when two long-time friends found themselves spending a lot of time together at the hospital. Although one of us was the patient advocate and the other the patient, we both realized that people want to send gifts when a loved one isn’t well, but often don’t know just what to get. This led us to create the sort of get-well care packages that we ourselves would want to send – and receive.

     We searched for things that are out of the ordinary: custom blankets from Austria, organic cosmetics from the UK, luxury socks from Germany, as well as items from small businesses, such as a California-based mother/daughter sewing team. It was also important for us to source responsibly and to minimize our impact on the environment.

     Whether your loved one has the flu, a sprained ankle, or something more serious, we have a carton that will help lift their spirits. And while our boxes are tailored to people who are convalescing at home or in the hospital, we believe almost anyone, anywhere, would enjoy receiving one of our colorful cartons.  


  photos by Maryellen Baker Photography